Jermaine Dupri To Work On Janet’s New Album

Posted by Beez

I don’t know how to feel about this. I want Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to work with her again! But as the title states she’s working with Jermaine again along with B. Cox and some others.

Producer-songwriter Bryan-Michael Cox revealed that he and J.D. are reteaming with the pop star for her next album, the first since 2008’s Discipline. “I’m producing Janet’s albumwith Jermaine and it’s going to be hot,” B. Cox told at Tricky Stewart’s pre-Grammy party last Friday. “That’s all I can say so far.”

His producing partner Kendrick “WyldCard” Dean also chimed in, adding, “Some great collabos on there,” but didn’t disclose further details.

I also have something against legends collaborating, unless it’s with another legend. But, if she feels that’s what’s best then more power to her.

Full Story Here.


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