Monica’s Official ‘Still Standing’ Cover

Posted by Beez

Well, she looks great, but I honestly don’t see this album doing that well. Monica hasn’t shown any artistic growth since she first debuted. If anything she’s regressed and it’s showing album after album. But it drops March 29, will YOU be buying?


5 Responses to “Monica’s Official ‘Still Standing’ Cover”

  1. She looks like lisa-ray.
    If Taxi & Once in a Lifetime is on it iMay buy it.

  2. bad2fierce Says:

    I love Monica….i hope this album does well!

  3. AKisdabest Says:

    i dont know what to say about this cover

  4. The cover is sexy in an odd-ball type of way.
    Like… she looks great, but the pose is weird. Hmm…
    & I might buy it! Gotta hear the preview on Amazon when they put it up lol

  5. blahh shes bores me BRANDY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MONICA

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