NEW MUSIC | Rihanna “Sexuality”

posted by keasyy

Now its not NEW NEW, because a demo version leaked like TWO years ago, but this is the FIRST FULL version that leaked since then. It is kinda catchy.

download here

wutdoyou think??


5 Responses to “NEW MUSIC | Rihanna “Sexuality””

  1. it has to grow on me.however i love the beat…….

  2. Angel Says:

    it kind of sounds like Ciara’s Love Sex & Magic

  3. lolaalterego Says:

    yea it does sound lik love sex and majic…… RiRi is growin on me lol…. i think its her swag

  4. Super Wayne Says:

    It’s not Love Sex and Magic ya’ll hear,

    It’s Prince’s “Controversy”.

    Rihanna and my idol Prince??

    It’s alright with me!!!

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