Alicia Keys and Shakira Perform During The NBA All Stars Halftime

Posted by Beez

Alica Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart, ESOM 2, No One

Shakira – She Wolf, Give It Up To Me

Both performances were lackluster. And even though Alicia sounded a mess, I commend her for not lipping. I hope she relaxes her voice for her tour. What do y’all think?


4 Responses to “Alicia Keys and Shakira Perform During The NBA All Stars Halftime”

  1. VaunTV Says:

    Alicia need to realize or someone should tell her to take these songs down a key or 3…she’s singing all her songs soo high now like WTF.. Shakira looked good, im tired of them songz though

  2. bad2fierce Says:

    Shakira gave me performance. Alicia gave me mess. There are 8 others notes in a major scale, she needs to learn how to pick another one instead of trying to scream on the note she recorded in the studio. It’s your song hunnie….it’s ok to remix it for live purposed. And we won’t get started on that outfit….

  3. They were cool

  4. I am impressed by Alicia, she is so awesome and gorgeous. This is a great post keep it up.

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