I’m Losing All Faith In Usher

Posted by Beez

Especially after this performance. The songs he performed were blah, he lip synced everything but Yeah and when he actually started singing he sounded a hot mess. He should just step out the game with his head held high because it’s obvious his milk is spoiled.


3 Responses to “I’m Losing All Faith In Usher”

  1. VaunTV Says:

    i dont think he did as bad as people are makin it seem lol..yeah it wasnt great..but it damn sure wasnt as bad as omarion lol..his new song sounds a Hot ASS Mess though

  2. WEAK!@”it’s obvious his milk is spoiled” lmao thats a new one

  3. Usher aww usher. Whats goingnon with you

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