#LateAsHell My Thoughts On Diggy Simmons’ The First Flight Mixtape

Posted by Beez

Sooo I know this came out forever and a day ago, but I’m just now getting into it (don’t judge me). But as you may or may not know Diggy is a rapper, and surprisingly, a good one. He writes his own lyrics and they’re tight. I forgot I was listening to a 14 year old for a second. He ain’t rappin about how much money he has, girls or any of the other sh*t most of these generic rappers *coughsouljabowowcough* are. (well he does but that’s not ALL he raps about) The production is very good, and it’s a very easy listen all the way through. I see a real future for him if he keeps it up and grows as the years come on. Some stand out tracks to me are:

1. Classic Introduction

2. Hustle Simmons

3. Laid Back

5. The Truth of Me

10. Fly Away

Shoutout to @jerseybreed for putting me on. You’re actually good for something lmao. J/k ;). The download link is below for those of you who wanna check it out. I strongly recommend you do.

Download Here.


One Response to “#LateAsHell My Thoughts On Diggy Simmons’ The First Flight Mixtape”

  1. jerseybreed Says:

    i’d personally have to take #2 out lol & add #9 Imma Make You Mine & #13 What’s it All For, but yea — like u said for a 14 yr old, gotta give him his props!

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