Santa Lays The Smackdown

Posted by Beez

This is why you don’t fuck with Santa on his time off. He whooped Tyrone’s ass with 3 hooks and a jab. Mind you he walked away but Cletus ole ignant ass just kept pushing it. I’m just confused as to why the girl at the end is talking like she can press charges on St. Nick like Jethro didn’t put his hands on him first…oh well. Your thoughts?!


4 Responses to “Santa Lays The Smackdown”

  1. IDK why we think white people are scared of us….cuz as you can see their not lmao!!!!

  2. Angel Says:

    yep, thats what happens when bullies underestimate folk.

  3. AKisdabest Says:

    lmao that man’s face was leaking lol; i was not expecting to see that

  4. lmfao 1.45 “ooh wtf”

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