Timbaland ‘Carry Out’ Ft Justin Timberlake

Posted by Beez

The video is blah, just like SV2. SV1 was greatness, so idk what happened this time around. Anyways, I’m ready for JT to drop another album. I still bump FS/LS to this day.


4 Responses to “Timbaland ‘Carry Out’ Ft Justin Timberlake”

  1. I love the song. . . but the video not so much, i hope he does Lose control with Jojo next. . . Chick can BLOW!!!!

  2. It looks like Justin Timberlake is trying to demonstrate that his and Jessica Biel’s love is strong. I do think he looked happier together with his ex – Cameron Diaz though.

  3. Lucky Justin Timberlake getting top seats at last Sunday’s NBA finals. I hoped for tickets but it was $400 for just the worst seats.

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