Gaga Makes History… AGAIN

posted by keasyy

Lady G’s “Bad Romance” has PASSED the 3million mark in Digital Downloads. This is her 3rd single that’s done it. (Just Dance, Poker Face) Lady Gaga is the first artist in history to have three 3 million-selling singles as a lead artist.



8 Responses to “Gaga Makes History… AGAIN”

  1. MyNailsStayDoneBitch Says:

    Child boo, #WhoCares? This wack ass biotch is not epic. She’ll be irrelevant in less than five years. Baby cakes that ugly little girl Ke$ha or whatever the fuck her name is, is already dragging her dusty ass Miss Thing. #ChildPlease…moving on.

  2. Girrrrrl bye! Ke$sha will never touch gaga. Her uncreative self. She think lookin drunk n dusty is cool. Gurl u jus want sum attention n I had to giv ya no good self sum. Nexxxxxxxxt. N obviously u mad so stay mad maam. SMH

  3. Oh god lol. They shadiness.
    Ahhhh GaGa you go =]

  4. bad2fierce Says:

    werk bitch!

  5. I’ll tell ya who’s mad..that pile of garbage Ke$ha. Oh well…Gaga killing these hoes in the biz.

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