News On Ciara’s Upcoming Album

Posted by Beez

I was JUST wondering when she was gonna drop her new music, I’m excited!

@jive_epic: Ciara était en shooting pour Vogue France avant-hier. A paraître en avril. 8 minutes ago via Netvibes (Translation – @Ciara was in shooting for Fashion France day before yesterday. To appear in April. 8 minutes ago through Netvibes)

@jive_epic: @mysoulblog un nouveau single est annoncé pour fin avril avec un album cet été. A confirmer.about 5 hours ago*in reply to mysoulblog (Translation – @Mysoulblog a new single is announced for end of April with an album this summer. To confirm.)

I hope this era is better for her than Fantasy Ride. I wonder what the single will sound like.

Shoutout to @Geezus702


3 Responses to “News On Ciara’s Upcoming Album”

  1. AKisdabest Says:

    i cant wait to hear it myself

  2. Ciara_2010 Says:


  3. idk why people didn’t like fantasy ride. iReally liked it.

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