Rihanna now has 6 #1 Singles.

Rihanna is now the female artist with most number 1 singles (S.O.S., Umbrella, Disturbia, Take A Bow, Live Your Life, Rude Boy) in the United States since 2000 – she’s not tied with anyone. She also has 8 top 3 singles, 14 top 10, and 18 top 20 singles!

SOURCE RihannaDaily

*cough* 16 grammys *cough*

wutdoyou think??


9 Responses to “Rihanna now has 6 #1 Singles.”

  1. owwww =] my wife

  2. I thought live your life is T.I ‘s song…

  3. And technically she only has 5 0_o. Cus liv ya life is TI’s. #boop. N gaga cums out n her album goes diamond. N bey has 16 grammys. Ooooo ok. But at least riri tryn lol. But she WONT be the number diva in the game fo a minute *bey voice*

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  5. grace Says:

    good for her.. i guess the charts are based of downloads, sales etc not talent so when she has a succesful SOLO world tour though shes never even toured the US alone or when she gets a few more grammys of her OWN songs then she can get a real congrats *shrug*

  6. […] Rihanna now has 6 #1 Singles. « bNk | The Creole Corner […]

  7. […] Rihanna now has 6 #1 Singles. « bNk | The Creole Corner […]

  8. smh; give the girl her credit.. you constantly down celebrities; what is the point.. she is makin music… it may not be the best — but she never claimed it to be the best.. she just does it… once you makin the kind of money those ladies are making; you`re not competing.. you’re moreso doing your own thing.. and doing it for the fans.. no need to compete anymore///

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