While Beyonce’s AWAY who’s going to slay??

posted by keasyy

There’s no secret that I Am… Sasha Fierce and Beyonce as a whole SLAYED 09-10 … so much to the point where I refuse to type all of her/its record breaking, awards, ect.

Now that Beyonce is “ON BREAK” who will be the one that is “That Chick” until Bey returns to her thrown?

A lot of female artists that were hiding out duing the Beyonce reign have music coming soon. Ciara has a new album coming this year, Christina Aguilera, Kelis, Kelly Rowland, Toni Braxton… hell maybe even Ashanti

whodoyou think


12 Responses to “While Beyonce’s AWAY who’s going to slay??”

  1. legendtina

  2. lmao kelis? chilee puhlease! that bitch is so played!

  3. Dwayne Says:

    Im sorry but nobody will every take her thrown nobody can even see her all her awards and all her lendgendary preformances nobody has a chance

  4. higher_l Says:

    I think Kelly Rowland is ready to fill that void. If she plays those cards right & if this 1st single Commander is a hit then she will ABSOLUTELY rule that thrown ..lol

  5. I am going with the rapper Nicki Minaj.. I think shes doing her thing right now.. all she needs to do is cross over.. and when she does that.. GAME OVER!

  6. @ari0701 – Child BOOM!! Kelis shits all over yo fav.. Kelis is the true innovative.. that ho was the BRAND that is the BRAND now. Get into it!

  7. Hmm…. Idk yet.
    The reason beyoncé got everything she got is cause she pushed herself to the extreme & iLiked that.

  8. HubbaHubba_Gaga Says:

    Why don’t people understand that no matter how long of a “break” Beyonce has she is STILL the highlight of conversation on blogs or in general when discussing music? Have we not noticed that she’s been on a few “breaks” before but as soon as a Candid hits the net it is the highlight of the week. No one will SLAY or fill any void of her being gone. Beyonce fans are so obsessed to the point where she will be talked about until the break of dawn, Rihanna fans will never stop comparing the two, and if Kelly hits the scene ;; well we all know her name cannot be mentioned without Beyonce’s being dragged along. So quite frankly ;; Beyonce will continue to slay if not she will be on our minds. Gaga of course will pawp, I’m also feeling Kelis, Kelly might do it, Ashanti….nevermind.


  10. Angel Says:

    well Nicki Minaj’s limelight is pretty bright right now, and so is Lady Gaga’s. and uhh thats about it.. But NOone is touching Beyonce. She doing them a favor 😉

  11. Angel Says:

    Oh yea, how i almost forget Rihanna too.. #IRepeat “But NOone is touching Beyonce. She doing them a favor ;)”

  12. @fuckkerihilson my fav is beyonce! so kelis shits on who again? oh okay!

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