Nicki Minaj Ft Sean Garret ‘Massive Attack’ (Video)

Posted by Beez

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I like it! It actually made me like her a little more. What do you think?


7 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Ft Sean Garret ‘Massive Attack’ (Video)”

  1. iJust can’t like it for now. it’s the beat.

  2. VaunTV Says:

    A MESS! i l really like Nicki but this shit right here! a Mess #ThatsAll

  3. swaqqin Says:

    hype williams the director needs to be shot yeah the colors and fashion was hott but there was no theme or plot to this video! whats the point of them being chased by the helicopter!! they didnt steal nothin lls all baby did was hand them money! its not even nicki’s fault cause she hella flyy but its juss the directing is awful

  4. Tee Baybee Says:

    I love the video… I love Nicki… She is the best at what she does…. She brings it every single time…

  5. swaqqin Says:

    damn more and more i watch it i dont like it! this hype williams director is really makin me mad he just thru her sum stuff! ok like i said the 1st 0:16 seconds it says Notorious kim all over it the pink background n the shades! then its a desert setting what yu think off back Rihanna hard video and a lil bit of Lady Gaga and beyonce telephone the pussy wagon part then 1:24 what do yu see? Ciara in Work video with the bigg ponytail and shades not to mention which is also desert setting n the snakes n jungle remind me of aliyah we need a resolution video! wheres the originality!!!! its not her its the director hype williams

  6. It was different. I like the beat, i liked the song…. I used to Hate Nicki and ive never cared for her, but i have to say i like the song and the video.

  7. i like it! nicki looks hot!

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