Rihanna Changed Her Mind…

posted by keasyy  .

Rihanna changed her next single from Photographs… to Te Amo.

O_O idk why; but she did


6 Responses to “Rihanna Changed Her Mind…”

  1. MelanieAriel Says:

    hmmm, i dont really like Te Amo.. its Ok. I think Rockstar 101 should be her next single.

  2. Dwayne Says:

    i bet the video is going to be really sexy and gay i cant wait

  3. ehh ehhh should have been Fire Bomb by popular demand.
    These music artist getting me mad with them >:|

  4. No, I loved Photographs. UGHHH!!!

  5. Angel Says:

    lmao @ Dwayne… I really wish she’d release The Last Song, or Cold Case Love. but considering what those songs talk about, I may be asking for too much =\


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