The “Last Girl on Earth” setlist

posted by keasyy

check out the setlist for Rihanna’s new tour that kicks off April 16th
  • 1. Madhouse
  • 2. Wait Your Turn
  • 3. Shut up & Drive
  • 4. Rude Boy
  • 5. Pon de Replay
  • 6. Photographs
  • 7. Hate That I Love You
  • 8. Rehab
  • 9. Cold Case Love
  • 10. Rockstar 101
  • 11. Live Your Life / Run This Town
  • 12. Hard
  • 13. Unfaithful
  • 14. Russian Roulette
  • 15. Take a Bow
  • 16. G4L
  • 17. Breakin Dishes
  • 18. Disturbia
  • 19. SOS
  • 20. Don ‘t Stop The Music
  • 21. Fire Bomb
  • 22. Umbrella
wutdoyou think??

8 Responses to “The “Last Girl on Earth” setlist”

  1. Dwayne Says:

    she mix them the wrong way but maybe it will work

  2. I think this set list is a HOT ass mess! i think people will leave after Rude boy.. She should have save Rude Boy for the last song to perform and open up the show with Umbrella

    #imjustsaying – You wanna be like Beyonce.. Bitch pull out yo notes.

    Beyonce open up with Crazy in Love and Saved Single Ladies and Halo for the end of the show.

    This is a dumb ho..

  3. Electro Says:

    Someones MAD .
    The setlist is OVAH.

  4. Ehh people still with the beyoncé comparisons #inothernews!
    I’m over it iWanna go to the Madison Aquare Garden concert. iLike em allll

  5. I did my own set-list last week and I put Umbrella on in the beginning and close the show with Rude Boy I honestly felt like that would make more sense. However I can say that it might work I’m not doubting it nothing is wrong with it, I’m pretty sure Rihanna will kill it though.

    I wanted Disturbia followed by Rockstar 101 would have shut the show down!

  6. Jagoperson Says:

    To be honest, I am not sure that it matters what the setlist is – she will still pull it off!
    I would of put Umbrella after Wait Your Turn, and Rude Boy last.
    I also think that Shut Up and Drive, Disturbia, and Rockstar 101 should be together for a ‘rock’ section.

    But i am sure RiRi’s team know what they are doing! 🙂 CAN’T WAIT UNTIL MAY 11TH!

  7. Jagoperson Says:

    She should of put The Last Song after Umbrella! 😛

  8. How u gon go from “Hard” to “Unfaithful”? I wanna see that transition.

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