Keys Still Wants Attention…

Posted by Beez

Someone please give it to her cuz this is tired, already.

7 Responses to “Keys Still Wants Attention…”

  1. AKisdabest Says:

    this girl wants attention and nicki gave her it to her; nicki needs to move on and ignore her and keep gettin that money

  2. O_O she needs a job!


  3. Dwayne Says:

    Thats bitch anit got nothin better to do i hope she knows nicki coulnd care fucking less about this dumb bitch she need to get off nickis dick cuz i dont think the keys girl can rap


  5. HYPHy Says:

    Shes garbage dats all i gotta sayy!!

  6. Ro2Exquisite Says:

    lol i like she tee hee..i wish somebody would jus slap the other one or suttin damn lmbo

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