Kat Stacks says PLEASURE P is gay…(but we knew that)

posted by keasyy

I’m not sure what to label the bitch…OH! how about… “The New SUPERHEAD, Kat Stacks says that Pleasure P and some unknown rapper, Young Platinum, be exchanging homosexual like Direct Messages on Twitter.

wutdoyou think??


3 Responses to “Kat Stacks says PLEASURE P is gay…(but we knew that)”

  1. LMFAOOOOOOO wtf is with her voice, she sounds like Amber Rose. Ghetto #nshit she wanna be a celebrity.

  2. Mesha Says:

    For the record…..WHO CARES!!!! If the man is gay or not….he still got paper…..WHY U runnin that mans buisness….you LOOK & SOUND really STUPID! U getting fucked by groups of niggas for money…..what does that make u look like??? Aint Lil Twist like 12? Dumb Broad!!!!OMG I hate people who dont have nothing else to do with their lives but to ruin other people….SO what if he GAY!

  3. LOL this Kat personis just dying for fame. She got a lil but it will be up on her 15 minutes soon.

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