CREOLEpics | Lil Kim Out’N’About in L.A.

posted by keasyy

Check out some pics taken of lil kim lastnight while in L.A.

she looks like one of the kardashians now… who remembers THIS kim:

check out the pics after the jump.


4 Responses to “CREOLEpics | Lil Kim Out’N’About in L.A.”

  1. WhoisKentdotcom Says:

    I miss the old Lil Kim *sigh*

  2. She looks better than usual but iMiss the Kim from late 90’s early 2000

  3. ive always said kim looked better before the surgery………
    these two(main) pics are making me change my mind.
    but i agree w/ the above.. Kim circa 90-00

  4. shirley Says:

    Lil Kim. Is beauitful and because time is never on any ones side she must by all means necessary stay on top. I understand her tactics.

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