Ciara – Ride Ft. Ludacris (video)

posted by keasyy


THIS is the Ciara we fell in love with.


7 Responses to “Ciara – Ride Ft. Ludacris (video)”

  1. It was good. She acts like a bird in the scenes when she wears that coat & lmfao @ her face on 2:41 iLove it

  2. WRD.. this was raw.. i really loved it.. ENJOYED

  3. alinafey Says:

    get it CiCi!!!! Slayed!!!

  4. Jovonnie Says:

    You said EVERYTHING in that caption. #ThatIsAll.

  5. WORD! she fucked it up in this video

  6. mariefernandez Says:

    wow this video is stupid… im sorry call me a hater or what ever but this was stupid.. she can dance though ill give her that

  7. Real_Talker Says:

    This was a stupid video. She made her self seem like a dude and those who said she” slayed” they lied their anis off sorry but like my name real talk

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