Xtina is a diva now…

posted by keasyy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After her single, Not Myself Tonight, flopping… I guess it doesn’t take much to upset Christina Aguilera. Peep this video of Xtina getting mad at her reporter for coughing while she was speaking.

O_O is it just me or does it LOOK like she’s trying to LOOK like LadyGaga?


9 Responses to “Xtina is a diva now…”

  1. and NOW i see why Chris HATEEEES her.

  2. VaunTV Says:

    its just you..and her song it actually debut in the top 20 of the billboard hot 100 and thats without any promotion or a video so its DEf not flopping…

    GAGA Didnt create or originate..red lips and dark eye make-up…folks BEEN on that

  3. While she did debut in the top 20 with help of first week digital sales, her song will plummet next week due to weak digital sales and even weaker airplay. That was really rude of her, she wasn’t even making sense.

  4. ofcourse you being a rihanna stan would get so emotional about the subject. because rihanna and gaga are compared so often due to fashion. this xtina is NOTHING like back to the basics… or stripped… or ANY of her career. but you being a rihanna stan is used to that becuz she’s NEVER been the same rihanna twice. that is all

  5. She looks pretty 🙂

  6. Dwayne Says:

    Xtina is tryin 2 be lady gaga and foreal i counld care less about xtina so in the words of B.Scott Bitchboobye

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris. :), keasyy. keasyy said: TCC | Xtina is a diva now… http://bit.ly/ddNspi […]

  8. Ro2Exquisite Says:

    uhm..she NEEDS 2 just stop..i mean really ppl can’t cough now? & whatever she was saying she wasn’t making sense ANYWAY..& she is trying 2 look like Stefani..hmph

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