CREOLEmusic | Ciara – Gimme That.

posted by keasyy

FINALLY! an up tempo single from CIARA. no one wants to hear you sing! we wanna see you dance! album in stores august 17th. will you be buying??

download here.


7 Responses to “CREOLEmusic | Ciara – Gimme That.”

  1. Idk, I’m not at wow about it. It’s ok iSuppose.

  2. Dwayne Says:

    damn yall finally made a post

  3. Im glad the corner is back in action… but im not sure how i feel about this track.

  4. CiaraMedlies Says:

    ur so a ciara stan keassy!! just admit it already!! #TeamCici awaits u!!

  5. 😀 sooooo exciting. welcome back.

  6. sheeee’s baaaaaaack!

  7. Getemcici Says:

    im a fan of hers, but this song is lame. better not be the second single. i would prefer something like blauw, even though it might be to edgy for commercial success.

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