Jessica Cornish’s “I Have Nothing” Cover

posted by keasyy

A while back, I did a post on Jessica Cornish, telling you all to look out for her (because she’s super talented). And a lot of you agreed. So here she is covering a CLASSIC Whitney Houston song.

click here to visit her youtube page.

Oddly enough; Dondria posted a video of her self covering the same song a few days before. Watch hers…

who SHOULD have an album coming out?? who did better?

whatdoyou think??


3 Responses to “Jessica Cornish’s “I Have Nothing” Cover”

  1. ari0701 Says:

    jessica slayed dondria sounded a hot ass mess! how fucking dare you cover nippy and not sound your fucking best! dondria you fucking failed bitch!

  2. iActually like them both

  3. Dwayne Says:

    It was a tie to me Jessica could have done way more to me but it was still good but Dondria could have had a lil more control But I love them both so its a tie in my book

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