Rihanna told to PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! for Abu Dhabi gig

posted by keasyy

Its no secret that Rihanna likes to wear next to nothing, but for her New Years Eve Gig in Abu Dhabi, she has been asked to cover up. She’s said to be making $500,000 for her performance, so she’s most likely going to listen. So no pasties, see-through, or that latex body wrap she performed on the AMA’s in.

Her team are now said to be working frantically on new outfits which are respectful of local traditions. A source tells:

Rihanna is tearing her hair out over what to do she wanted to put on her most eccentric and provocative show yet. She knows that shell have to compromise her style to fit in with local traditions but a huge part of her show is her sexy stage gear.

aren’t models supposed to wear clothes in the 1st place?? good luck girl!

wutdoyou think?

8 Responses to “Rihanna told to PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! for Abu Dhabi gig”

  1. How dare they tell Rih what to do??
    Fuck them hoes. For half a mill I’d listen too though.
    Bwahahaha Love You Rihanna! xD

  2. if she want the money…and she doing it for the fans…..then *NASTY PUT SOME CLOTHES ON I TOLD YA*……..lol

  3. ari0701 Says:

    lmao of course a huge part of the show is her stage gear! bitch its the whole the fucking show! gtfoh

  4. without her ‘lack of clothes’ Rihanna is NOTHING (She cant sing or dance) so she may aswell cancel! silly bitch

  5. iLove to get naked shiiiiiiiit!
    how dare she be clothed! she a grown ass women
    but for that money iWould be clothed for that night =X

  6. AKisdabest Says:

    i wonder what she is gonna wear

  7. babiboi1028 Says:

    I like rihanna, but this whole let me be naked on stage thing that she is doing is not working for me, keep working on your live performance boo! I still love her though, I just wish she sounded a tad bit better during her live performances lol.

  8. […] (if not, you should!) you’d know the story behind this concert. IF NOT you can find part 1 here and part 2 […]

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