Tyra Banks Ending Her Show

Posted by Beez

After 5 seasons Tyra has decided to end her show at the end of this season

Tyra Banks is ending her daytime TV talk show.

The supermodel-turned-TV-mogul told People that she will wrap up her talk show at the end of its current season – its fifth — this coming spring.

“This will be the last season of ‘The Tyra Show,'” Tyra told the mag. “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms [and] hair salons for the past five years.”

Instead of sitting down to talk to guests on a daily basis, Tyra will shift her focus to Bankable Studios, a film production company based in New York. The mag reported that the company is taking a look at potential projects to produce.

“My next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are,” Tyra said.

Like her television show, Bankable will seek to bring “positive images of women to the big screen,” a source told the mag. And Tyra hopes to have Bankable work on “redefining beauty for women in film,” the source added.

“With Oprah’s big announcement this year, I think that gave Tyra the confidence to get out there and follow her longtime dream of film producing,” the source said, referencing Oprah’s news that she will leave “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in September 2011 to concentrate on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Tyra will stay committed, however, to her longtime reality competition, “America’s Next Top Model,” which recently crowned its first petite model winner, Nicole Fox. The show will return in 2010 with its 14th season.

Well, I for one thought that Tyra would jump for joy after hearing that Oprah was ending her show. Looks like Ellen will take over daytime TV. Wendy and Mo’Nique (if she gets off EBT) might have a good chance as well. A letter from Tyra herself after the jump.

Hey there. I want to share some news with you. This will be the last season of The Tyra Show. I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years. The thing is, The Tyra Show is not leaving because of YOU.  Most times, a show leaves the air because not many people are watching.  Well, you all ARE watching, in record numbers. You must know this love and support is always felt by me and it’s given me the courage to take more exciting steps in my life. So I thank you for that.

As many of you know, several years ago I made the decision to leave modeling – at the height of my modeling career – and although it was the most terrifying move, it was the BEST decision and led to me fulfilling some big lifelong dreams. Now, I’m a bit nervous and excited for my next HUGE steps which will allow me to reach MORE women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are!

There’s a lot cooking right now and a lot of fire burning in my heart, and for years, I’ve been working on the next big ideas and new ways to reach out to you. Besides continuing full speed with America’s Next Top Model (which starts it’s 15th season), True Beauty (which is in its second season), and Tyra.com, this year I’ll be unveiling some HUGE surprises from me and my company Bankable – new out-of-the-box projects.  And I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’ll be launching Bankable Studios soon, which means my company will be making MOVIES!!!  And what I love about creating new projects is that it also creates new jobs for talented people, in front of and behind the camera.

And if you’ve been reading the papers, you know that the television world is changing! And there’s this little thing called the DIGITAL EXPLOSION that’s flipping how the old companies are doing business and how people like me can talk and vibe with you.  So a few months into the new year, you’ll be seeing a whole new digital Tyra.com world.

I’m so excited and I wish I could tell you about ALL of the new stuff, but there are people here with me now telling me to stop typing and keep my lips shut about our new projects! So, I will…

Of course, I am saddened that my talk show staff will be affected by these changes.  We all just got together for the holidays and rejoiced and celebrated together. They are the best people in the world.  I really love them. But it’s not goodbye to them, it’s ‘see you around the corner.’ Because these people are so TALENTED!  And their talent will lead them to great things ahead.

Before I go, I have to pay homage to the ultimate Queen of Talk, Oprah, who made a huge impact on my life by giving me my first shot in daytime TV.  We all know she announced that her last year with her talk show will be in the 2010-2011 season.  We will all miss her show so much.  And to you Oprah:  You have had, and continue to have, such an amazing impact on me.  I salute you.

And I salute YOU, my amazing family of viewers: Thank you so so soooooo much for your support and love.  Without you, there never would have been a Tyra Show. I really love you all.

But hey, we still have a lot of time together on the talk show this season on the CW.  We’re not wrapped yet. So keep watching. I have some fun episodes planned that you gotta see!

Fierce & Love,



9 Responses to “Tyra Banks Ending Her Show”

  1. ari0701 Says:

    this shock but not really! imean that shit been kinda flopping, so tutalu tyra boo!

  2. eeecirtak . Says:

    damn I never would have thought she’d end her show, but I wish her well with film producing.

  3. hatein ass bitches TYRA show slayed………yalll wasent sayin that when BEYONCE brought her fukkin ass up on that couch.anyfukkin way….TYRA I LOVE YOU GIRL and im gonna miss your show

  4. Hmm.. Not really a problem to me iDidnt like her sow too much.
    She was too hmm idk bananas for me.
    iHeard her ratings were struggling

  5. babiboi1028 Says:

    I loved her show! But I’m pretty sure her ratings were starting to slip…

  6. Jason Says:

    Tryna steal Oprah’s shine. Hmph.

  7. Ugh. I want tyra to show. I most deff feel n lov wit her when she had BEY on there doin if I were a boy. She slayed talk shows otha then oprah. I hope she get my gurl gaga on there b4 she leave. Or Bey n Gaga so they can do vid phone yassss dat will slay allll of oprahs past shows combined!

  8. AKisdabest Says:

    i liked tyra’s show even though i didnt watch it all the time; good luck with her film producing

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